Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day over

What for a frustrating day. All my work of the last week shall be reversed, because now the decision is made that a complicated software module should do it and not excel. I like excel. I'm paid by hours not by results. Fine. Let's do it the other way now. Non-attachment. But I'm not willing to work overtime.

B. wrote an Email that the last Mysore class was the last Mysore class, because she has too much to do. Also fine.
Here I spend my time - waste my time. haha. I'm happy that it is warm there and that my job is demanding. I plan some yoga postures on the desk. Wherever I'm there is a little mess.
Sometimes I look out of the window into the other offices. Always the same scenes: one man is always desperate, one man has all his papers on the floor, one man has the legs on his desk, always.


Shantidave said...

You inspire me. My day is almost over and I have not yet practiced. I will go to the mat now, and try not to be attached to how hard I expect it will be to practice.


Ursula said...

A day with a yoga practice is always better that a day without a practice.