Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brainstorming - next year

Next Wednesday will be Mysore class the last time till April next year (2007). Sad, yes. It is as if the year is already over when Mysore classes are over. I'm in planning mood.

There is still 1 highlight to expect this year: the beginning of the self-practice group. Last Wednesday the 2 other students showed great interest to come. I've collected some business cards now. After the next Mysore class I will contact D. to make sure that we can go to the kindergarten and then I will announce date and time to all those who had shown interest. Will we have the preseverence to practice till the end of March 2007? It is exciting, who will come and stay.
The next year (2007):

Daily practice: Most important thing is to maintain daily practice. This is the real party, the real highlight. Perhaps I will be able to do the entire 2nd series? Not perfect, just to go through all the asanas. Why not dream a little bit. I know it is too much.

To blog: Oh my god, I almost forgot to mention it, but it became part of the daily practice. Yes to blog - to write a blog and to read the blogs of others. It is almost an addiction, so I cannot imagine that I will stop writing.

India: At the moment my plans to travel to India are so far away. But I have 25 days of vacation. Three weeks in India is doable, the other days are for my boyfriend. How to get excited about India again? I ponder to open a bank account to put the necessary money in it. It is more a psychological act than necessary. I almost forgot that to go to India was so important to me a few months ago.

I think now that the main intention shouldn't be to improve the practice. This might become a disappointment as there are too many students in the shala. Sharath is often absent, travelling. Another reason to go to India might be to meet the Ashtangis of the community, to share ideas, thoughts, stories, gossip and so on. Oh yes, I see my motivation soars. OK - India remains on the list.

Photo session: I know it is narcistic, but I want someome to take pictures of me while I do the first series. I want to see how it looks like.

Workshop: Another workshop with Danny Paradise would be good. Dena Kingsberg would be great as well. Or a workshop with ?????? I'm totally open.

One-to-one lesson: B. offers it and I will book one, when she will return from India.

Pranayama and meditaton: Will I have time for it?

Books: I will go on reading, of course. This is part of my life since I know how to read. Books on meditation could be of interest. I've enough Ashtanga technique books.

Shall I book an Iyengar class round the corner of the office? I shall see, I'm not 100% convinced. It is only to improve the technique and to get feed-back from a more advanced teacher.

Of course I will go to the Jivamukti studio from time to time.

Whereever I travel I will travel with my yoga mat and I will look for a studio to practice there.

OK, enough for now.


Yogini said...

wow an impressive list but i can say that a lot on that list is also on mine! i can warmly recommend Mark Darby and Kino Macgregor for ashtanga yoga workhops! Darby has been practing yoga since the late 1970s so he has a lot of knowledge and i think he is very good at teaching techniques in an educational way. Kino Macgregor for her young, enthusiastic and vibrating energy! She is very inspiring for us girls! Or at least she was to me! Namaste!

Ursula said...

The list sounds rather long. I think the real adventure is perhaps the Indian trip. All other activities are either daily or they are 1 day activities.

I think it will keep me busy and I will remain exciting about this practice.

Thank you very much for your hints. I've heard of Darby as well. He is sometimes in Germany. So this is a very good idea.

kevin said...

I think maybe you meant Dena Kingsberg :-)

Ursula said...

Thank you Kevin, I edited it.