Saturday, November 18, 2006

The best time to practice is the early morning

Now it is 10 o'clock and no practice so far. E. is up now, it is no more quite at home. On Saturdays I usually have a phone call with my mother. So it was today. Now I know that I have to pick up a book at the post office. I will have time till 12 o'clock, then the post office will be closed. I have to do some weekend shoppings (no shampoo at home anymore).

I'm dressed with my yoga clothes, but as I see it now I will have time in the early afternoon for my yoga practice.
It makes me crazy. Distraction after distraction on Saturdays.
Good news in the last second: E. will go to the post office to pick up my book.
Picture: Barcelona, Spain, the Ramlahs.

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