Tuesday, November 14, 2006

..and now only 45 min

It makes me crazy. Time runs when I'm at home. And nothing is done. Nothing gets done alone either.

I have to simplify everything. I have to throw out what I do not need. Cleaning must be easy. I don't need that much things. I need 2 yoga mats, my PC, a journal, a pen, some nice clothes, a suitcase. What else? Do I need all my spices, all my books? Less is more. Things are a burden. I will start decluttering again. More energy, less things. I need space, emptiness, inside me and outside. All these undone activities and then only 3 hours.

I have to create work at work. I can do this, I had good ideas today, while waiting till others will do their activities. I'm dependant from the activities of others. When the IT department does not enter the prepared list into the software, I cannot start doing the depreciation of the fixed assets. My collegue says sarcastically: this is teamwork. My collegue and me start becoming an old couple. She knows my ticks, I know hers. We laugh about each others. We spend more than 8 hours in one room. I'm happy that she went home on time today. So did I.
Picture: Barcelona, Spain, at the sea.

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