Thursday, November 16, 2006

And finally it is evening

E. invited me for dinner. Now I sit here waiting for him. I know there is always a last Email to write. I won't have time for another yoga practice. I see how good it was to practice in the morning. The evening is never predictable, I want to stay flexible.
I will order retsina, water, salad, aubergines, the ouzo is for free. It is entertaining in that Greece restaurant. Often a guitar player comes in to play a few rhytmic songs. Just relaxing.

Office rule no 1: never take anything personal.
Picture is taken in Barcelona, Spain.
For those who read, a book recommendation: George Leonard - Mastery. The keys to success and long-tem fulfillment.
One insight I got from the book was: Like the plateau. There are not always highlights.

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