Thursday, October 12, 2006


My yoga practice is astonishing good in the morning. Anticipation makes me go out of bed easily. Not easily , but I get up. No, it is not a perfect practice, but I like it. I'm so happy on my mat.

Work is tedious. But my collegue and I, we have also fun. Software is not really working. When we could reach something we claps our hands. Either me or she holds up the hand and the other person claps it and then we laugh. I admire her also. She is so passionate with our accounting staff. From time to time we both go to her smoking corner. Then we exchange our experiences.

After work I'm exhausted, I'm not yet used to it. Today I got my job description, which I still can modify. It was my first job description I got in my life. Oh, it is challenging. I thought I fell off my chair when I saw it. Let's see what I can do or not do.

Picture is taken in South Africa. Oh my next trip will be to Spain, Barcelona in the beginning of November. Yippiiiiiii.


Tiffersll said...

You're so content with your practice all the time...even if it isn't perfect. Nice reminder.

Ursula said...

Thanks tiffersll. I was so afraid that I wouldn't practice at all. Now I am just happy that I do it. And I do not understand it, but my body is obedient. So is my mind.

Sue said...

Ursula, you'll have to teach me how to make my body and mind so obedient! :)