Friday, September 01, 2006

Yipee, I would have time to practice in the morning

Yesterday I prepared the interview which is today at 2 p.m. I was so happy when I discovered that it would be in the early afternoon, because then I would have enough time to practice. I checked the website of the company and it sounds really very interesting. My main criterias seem to be fulfilled:

1. I want to work in an international company.
2. It shouldn't be too far away from my home.
3. I want to have a certain independance, responsibility for what I'm doing.

Oh, I forgot to dedicate my morning practice to that outcome. It doesn't matter. My opinion, which developped very slowly, but is now really what I think, is: when someone does not want to work with me, it is better for me, too, not to work with them. I can totally accept this. But for now, I think the job offer is an opportunity.

I practiced - Ashtanga first series. This in not an excuse for a not so intensive practice. My lower back hurts and I have to be careful. I did the surya namaskara A, a few surya namaskara B. I did all the standing positions. I went into the position and soon I said good-bye and I went on, I followed the path to the next asana. I was not very deep into the asanas. Again, I have to be careful. My back is worse and I want to get rid of this pain. I went on with the sitting forward bending asanas. I left out some of them. No vinyasas. Salamba sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana and padmasana was my closing sequence.

I feel good, I practiced. I had breakfast already. I had the rest of the baguette from yesterday with the home-made jam of my mother, black coffee. Perfect.

Ms K., the woman from the recruitment firm just called me. She wanted to approve the appointment. She will participate as well. Does she think, that I won't come? I'm already on my way. I have to dress. It is not so easy, because weather is surprisingly hot today and I have to leave my woolen suit in the wardrobe. I need somthing more for a summer day. It's also manageable.

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