Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday - cleaning day

I cannot remember what else I've done so far except cleaning. I did the laundry, I changed the linen, I vacuumed, I did grocery shopping, I even washed my blue yoga mat. I don't want to do more cleaning activities now. It is almast 8 p.m. and the evening TV programme starts. I will do some postures in front of the TV - lotus position, janu sirsasana and the like. But that was it for today. No alc today only green tea with mango aroma. Tomorrow I will go up at a decent time to get used to get up at an earlier hour. For at least 2 years I've forgotten how it is to be tired. When I became tired I could relax, I could have a nap. Soon this will change. I plan to go to bed early perhaps 10 p.m.. To go to bed early is a secret not to be tired in the morning. What a cut in my life.

I will do Ashtanga yoga in the morning. I go through my new schedule again and again. 6 o'clock to get up, shower, morning pages. Yoga time is from 7 a.m to 8 a.m. Then I will have half an hour for breakfast and to dress. I need another half an hour to get to work. There won't be time for questions, doubts or whatever. I'm curious how I will manage this. It is already overwhelming when I write this. But human being gets used to almost everything.

Picture is taken in South Africa. I'd lke to give the picture a title: calm before the storm.

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