Friday, September 01, 2006

Now I know more

Before an interview still at home I always run around like a wild animal. I check everything twice: the address, my clothes, the contents of my bag. Today I also checked when I would be back from South Africa. It is on Tuesday and not on Monday how I thought. This typical paranoid accounting behavior to check everything twice and more often makes sense, at least sometimes.

As usual I was not only 10 minutes earlier in front of the office, but 30 minutes earlier. I had so much time to check my lipstick again and again. The waiting time brought me to a level of excitment, which is helpful for an interview.

The woman from the recruiting firm arrived finally and we went upstairs. The woman is really professional and very friendly.

The interview was good. The expected questions were asked. One of these question is always: why have you done something else than accounting (i.e. studying sociology) 20 years ago. Fine. I'm prepared. That's not the problem. I can be very convincing. I had so many interviews, that I'm glad when I'm surprised by a new question.

The crucial points:
- There will be 2 to 3 people in the accounting department and it is not clear who does what.
- One woman left the company after only a few weeks. My critical mind asks at once: Why?

The good points:
- We left the company at 3 o'clock and we were the last people there. I used to go home at 6 p.m., mostly later in former companies. Sounds good to leave the company at 3 p.m. The woman, who told my interviewer to lock the door was not very friendly (bad point, but I didn't expect something else).
- I was already told that they wanted to pay less than my last salary. But when asked what I want to earn, I said what I got in my last job. But I added that I was flexible. I take more, too. So we all laughed. And I think I can get what I mentioned. Perhaps after a test time. This new salary is much higher than I was told I could get.

In total I'm happy how everything went. A deciscion will be made later in September. I'm free now. I would take the job, if they gave it to me. I want that money is coming in and not that money is going out all the time. The tasks of this job are challenging, interesting. Nothing is for eternity, if I don't want.

Now I'm ready for the Friday evening thriller on TV. Interviews are exhausting. But it's still too early for the thriller and too early for TV at all. So I will clean. Before travelling I'm always very motivated to clean my home. Yesterday I even vacuumed behind the sofa. I even cleaned the splices in the bathroom. I did the laundry. Today I want to wash the doors and I want to clean the shelves in the kitchen. It is nice to return to a really clean home.

My goal for South Africa: I want to sit in lotus position in the prison cell of Nelson Mandela. I want to pray for a few things. And my boyfriend also agreed to make a picture of me there. My life will remain exciting.

I did not know which picture I should upload today. I took a new one. I looked out of the window and click - here it is. The tree on the opposite of the street shows that it is fall. Today it is hot, but this won't last.


samasthiti said...

Best wishes!

CJ said...

well done Ursula!