Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not much to report on the yoga side

That means that I did already a lot this morning, but no yoga. I cleaned my house. I tried to conquer the mess. I did the laundry. This is all part of the preparation for my new job. Everything must be on the right place. I don't want to look for anything at 6 a.m. in the morning. That's how early I have to get up, when I want to do a little Ashatnga practice. Result: I think every room looks a little bit cleaner now. A huge success.

Ashtanga self-practice group: I wrote an Email to D. to make sure that we can use the kindergarten for our practice. As soon as I will get her OK, I will contact our teacher B. and I will ask her when exactly she won't be in Munich anymore. And then I will prepare a flyer. Yes, a flyer, that I will give to B., so that she can give it to her students. I'm curious how many people will show interest. I guess the more people come the more it will be attractive for the other people as well. I guess that our first selp-practice group will be in December.

The lecture was very informative yesterday. It was about real estate planning. The man did his job for 20 years and he seemed to be very experienced. He had many examples. I can say that I know more now than yesterday in the morning. Write your will among other things. It is important. Or do you not care who will practice on one of your numerous yoga mats after your death? (Hahaha).

Ashtanga yoga is still on my schedule. Oh it is so hard to practice alone.


Karen said...

"Or do you not care who will practice on one of your numerous yoga mats after your death?"

That is very funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Ursula said...

My pleasure.