Saturday, September 02, 2006

No yoga today

It is Saturday. More and more I understand why Saturday should be a no practice day. The bodies have to relax now and then. I think that my right lower back is slowly better. But it is still painful, especially when I practice these challenging Ashtanga asanas. Another challenging practice would probably make the back worse.

I needn't fear that I won't have time to practice during my trip to South Africa. I will have time to practice before my flight tomorrow. I have to leave home during lunch time. At first I will have to fly to Frankfurt, then to Cape Town. On Monday I will have time to practice, too, as I will stay in the hotel room, while my boyfriend is still working. I don't want to go out alone. We want to be cautious. On Tuesday when I will get up early (my boyfriend likes to sleep a little bit longer even on holidays) I will have time to practice, too. I found an Ashtanga studio in Cape Town. I plan to go there on Wednesday, so I will have another day with Ashtanga. There is really no reason to fear that there won't be time to practice only because I'm travelling. I can quietly take a day off from Ashtanga today.

TodayI will go on with my cleaning activities. I was so happy that I could throw away so many things yesterday. Cleaning is so much easier with less things. I threw away pans and pots, towels, cutting trays. I have from everything too much. It was a relief to let go all these redundant items. To go through my shelfes in the kitchen was more time-consuming than I thought. It is not all done. I also ironed, I did the laundry and so on. I'm already happy with what is done, but I have still a lot of activities on my to do list. Cleaning and space clearing has a higher aim. It creates clearness - clearness in a chaotic world, clearness in a chaotic mind. When I interprete it this way, it is even spiritual.

The more I think of the interview yesterday, the more critical I see the job. Imagine: there is no job definition, it is not at all clear who does what. Everybody has to do everything. A nightmare. An example is the petty cash. Who took the money out of the petty cash if it doesnt match with the acounting entries anymore. Who made the mistakes, if the accounting is not correct. I use to work very precisly, but I know that not everybody works so precisly as I do it. If there are no clear responsibilities, the doors are open for sloppy work. It only shows that the interviewer has no clue on accounting, but he is supposed to organize it. Before doing the job I think I have to negotiate a lot. So much incompetence makes me furious. I have to prepare the next meeting in case they decide to take me.

At 2 p.m I will meet P. downtown. She is an accountant, too. She will understand me.

Picture is taken at the Hofgarten downtown Munich. It shall represent a relaxing Saturday.

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