Monday, September 25, 2006

A nice birthday party

The birthday was like a birthday ought to be. From the early morning till the evening my mother got phone calls, neighbours came, guests came. In the morning we had different birthday guests than in the afternoon and in the evening. I tried to help a little bit, but it was not much what I could do. In the evening we were at a restaurant. I had a very good red wine , potatoe wedges with dips and a salad. I could preach a little bit on how good it is to be vegan. Fun talks, too much cakes, and food and champagne, that's how birthdays are. I made a lot of pictures.

I arrived in Munich this afternoon. I have had no time for yoga, but Monday is not yet over. I want to practice. But at first I have to go out for grocery shopping. E. is back from his Portland trip. Right from the airport he went to work. I want to give him some satisfying food.

Do you know what they tell us in the news: "Paris Hilton will be at the Oktoberfest this night." This is no information for the news. It isn't. Do they think people are totally stupid or what. Music, please, music.

Tomorrow morning I will see how sinful the birthday was. I will jump on the scales.

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