Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The next day

This morning the woman from the recruiting firm already called me. The conditions as discussed yesterday won't improve. She had talked to the boss after the interview. She advised me to write a letter to the boss to assure the interest on the job. I think that this is definitely a pro-active gesture. She convinced me to accept the conditions and showed me the advantages of the job. I discussed every issue (further education, salary, collegue) very frankly with her. I saw more the problems, she saw more the chances. Her success is to find employees. Her experience is that it never fits 100 per cent. She is right.

Unconsciously I might fear that I'm not able to manage the new tasks. But the worst thing that can happen is that they lay me off. I'm already familiar with the situation to be at home. It is not the worst situation.

Now I will write the Email to the boss to show my interest. I don't live on pension so far. I have to find at least one money source. I don't want to end in one of the slums of this world, I wouldn't survive these living conditions.

I woke up this morning and I was in the mood to clean my home. I started doing the laundry, then I did the dishes. A clean home - a clear brain - this was perhaps the deeper meaning of this mood.

During lunch time I went out. I had a mild vegetable-tofu-curry with rice and a glas of water. The waiter offered me an espresso as I had to wait so long.

Job hunting is exhausting.

I was so distracted that I couldn't concentrate on yoga, not 1 hour. A class would have been perfect. As I made a decision now it might be easier to concentrate on other issues than money and job issues.

Sun is shining. I will go to the Oktoberfest. I want to walk to exhaust my body and my mind. I will make some pictures, this takes me to the here and now. And the here and now is often so beautiful.

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