Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mysore class - I loved it

I felt the flow. I breathed and went from one asana to the next. I did every single vinyasa. I'm a little bit sad that I have a sugar side now, the right one. But neglecting that, it was a really good practice. My body felt flexible. I could give up resistance in the forward bendings and that helped me to get deeper into the positions. Garba pindasana was almost not possible, I didn't get back into dhanurasana from standing position. It was OK for me, I think sometimes that I'm not yet ripe for this position. The flow was so good. It didn't matter if the asanas were perfect. I liked my practice today. I got so much energy from it that I had a lot of courage in the end. This Mysore class was my highlight today. I feel so happy.

Self-practice group: I spoke to all the 5 ladies, who practiced today, that a few other Ashtangis and I want to build a self-practice group when B. will be in India for 3 months. It is really the very first time that I organize anything (except my birthday parties and this is always stress). Only one woman told me: "I practice every day on my own." She didn't even take my business card. But I expected this, too. Not everybody wants to participate. I can live with that. I think I want to have a group for myself. My practice is better in a group. Once a week to get the feeling how a good practice can be gives me energy for the time when I'm alone on my mat. All the others seemed to be interested. I shall see what will happen. I also talked to our teacher. She was cool and found the idea very good. I wanted to speak to her first, but now she heard it while we changed our clothes. I asked her, if she liked to tell it to her other students and she was very open to it. I'm very optimistic today that we will find people to form an Ashtanga group. I'm really astonished about myself that I have the courage to organize such a group. It must be really important to me.

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