Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Keep a sense of humor"

This was for me the most imortant sentence of one of the three DVDs "Ashtanga Yoga" by Richard Freeman. The DVDs are great. I watched the intermediate series. As I learn this series on my own I'm sometimes not sure how to get from one asana to the next, how should the vinyasas be. The DVD helped a lot. Most asanas look easily when Richard does them. I got new inspirations: the most important one was to keep a sense of humor. As in life it is also a good attitude while doing yoga. Why not laugh if one falls out of bakasana. It is funny, isn't it? If I only remembered only to smile (just a little bit) when I practice. I always forget it as soon as I jump on my mat.

The Oktoberfest is in full swing. Today was a great parade of more than 2.30 hours. People in traditional costumes went to the Oktoberfest.

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