Friday, September 29, 2006

Jivamukti yoga class

I'm sure that if I practiced alone it wouldn't have been such an intensive practice. I could hold handstand as long as it was told. Usually I go out of this pose much earlier. It was a great success for me. I did my thing and didn't look much around, only a little bit. I was happy with what was possible today. I have had a sinful evening yesterday night, with wine and ouzo, I shouldn't forget this.

Breathing in the beginning was a good start. I sat in lotus position all the time without even thinking of changing the pose. This was a success too. Often I think I want to move. I'm relaxed now. I know yoga is my thing. I will go on and on and on. I like it.


Anonymous said...

It'is absolute luxury to do only yoga. Who can do this?

Dear Ursula,

You can answer this question for yourself. Only you can answer it, so it is meaningless to ask. You do understand my point from last comment, or at least one small, sane part of yourself understand it very well. I am writing this comment for your other parts…

Ursula, you are responsible only for what you can change. And, all you can change is your attitude. There lies your responsibility. You can not change your circumstances, job opportunities, life situation, but your attitudes you can change. As long as you have the idea of changing events, yoga is not for you. The very idea of being a cause of something, is frustration.

After reading some of your blogs, it is noticed that what you really want is just to be active. It does not matter what activity is, you just want to be moving. There is no central point, each your action begets another in endless succession, adding events in your almost overcrowded memory. The alternation of action and pause is not there. Find the immutable centre in yourself, you have it. (How this can be said simpler?)… Ursula, just sometimes stop it. Let your desire come and go. Do not give them nourishment of interest and attention. Pause. There is nothing to do. Just be. Do nothing. Be.

Lets now talk something about “your effort to do yoga”. Your non-yoga needs are unreal and your yoga-efforts are meaningless. There is no place for effort in yoga. It is selfishness, due to self-identification with the body, (the phenomena better known as ego), that is main problem and the cause of all other problems. And this selfishness can not be removed by efforts, only by clear insight into its source. Your yoga-effort is a sign of conflict between your incompatible desires. See them as they are – then only you can dissolved them.

And again, you can see this for yourself. Only you can see it.

Ursula said...

Thank you for your feed back. Very interesting.

I'm sure I will read it more often than only once.