Monday, September 18, 2006

Do I really like Ashtanga yoga?

1. I like to mention that I do yoga, Ashtanga yoga every day. It gives me something special.

2. I like to plan a trip to Mysore as I think the time is ripe. A pilgrimage is fun for me.

3. I like Ashtanga yoga after the practice. Yes, that's a nice feeling to have it behind me.

4. I like the breathing. Sometimes I'm in bed and I feel the urge to do uddjayi breathing (if I only knew how to spell it).

5. I love the asanas: uttanasana, ardha padha padmottanasana, halasana, matsyasana with straight legs, janu sirsasana A, only to mention a few. In fact I like the most asanas. Those asanas that I do not like, I at least try to like them. I know that this helps a lot to progress.

6. I like to blog about Ashtanga yoga.

7. I like the Ashtanga community.

8. I like reading books on Ashtanga yoga.

Enough love to accept that it is hard from time to time to jump on the mat.

Oktoberfest: Picture is taken at the parade of traditional costumes.

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