Thursday, September 21, 2006

A day with more lightness

Surprisingly I got up rather early. I had my shower, checked my Emails, but then I jumped on my mat.

I started with the opening prayer. Breathing. 5 surya namaskara As. I counted the vinyasas. 3 surya namaskara Bs. I went on with the standing sequence on my own. I had some deep asanas, i.e. prasarita padottanasana was rather good. Unfortunately my left side is not as flexible as my right side since my injury. This is most obvious in parshvotanasana. Perhaps I should hold the left side longer. This might help to get to rather equally stretched sides soon.

After the standing sequence I switched on the radio. My power faded and the music helped me to go on. The backbends felt good, even though I was not very far into them. I put the huge cushion on my sofa to have a rather high goal to reach in Kapotasana. But I became fear. I didn't reach the cushion.

The closing sequence was a modification: sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana with straight legs, sirsasana for a few breathes and padmasana.

Then I felt the urge to lay down on my mat. Rest pose. Often I leave my mat after utpluthi.
The rest pose was nice. I felt the hard floor on my back. It was relaxing.

I'm glad that I practiced even though I was rather far away from my possibilities. To practice alone is a challenge, a huge challenge.


Wayne said...

I know the feeling of having a hard time practicing alone. Since there are no teachers near me, this is what I have to do every day. Sometimes I don't want to, but then remember that I always feel better after practicing.

Ursula said...

I know Wayne. It is good to think how it feels when it is over.

But one thing is sure to practice alone is more challenging than to practice in a group or even in a group with a teacher.