Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The contract

Another night where I couldn't fall asleep easily due to the new job. I was already in bed, but it made no sense to stay there, my eyes were wide open. I got up and read the contract again. I'm glad that they sent it via Email. I thought that I would get it on the first working day how indicated by the woman from the recruiting company. This would have been rather late. Now I have the time to read it carefully.

It is 7 pages long. Every possibility is covered. Most issues are already covered by the German law in general, so a lot of issues are redundant. I don't like to accept everything.
They want to pay the salary by the 5th of the next month. It is absolute unusual here. I have to pay my rent and other regular expenses earlier, namely in the beginning of the month. German law says also that the salary has to be paid by the last day of the working month.
So far I've not yet signed a contract with the word malicious. Of course the employee is malicious. Fine, I won't discuss this. Fact is we are all monsters.
I have to get acceptance to be allowed to carry on my trade. My trade is important to me. That's perhaps the most important issue.

I didn't expect something else. I sit here, already exhausted, even though work hasn't started yet. I know companies that give new employees a bunch of flowers on the very first day. I'm sure I won't get one flower there. I will get a bunch of problems.

In the next days I will work on my attitude: a positive attitude is best. So far nothing really bad has happened. It is the first job that I start with so many provisos. Perhaps I got too lazy during the last years? I don't think so, but I lived in a shelter. I left the last company on the 30th June 2004. I never wanted to return. I have to dress warmly.

I have too highlights today: I will meet B. for lunch and I will go to a Mysore class.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, Aristotle said "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."!

Thankfully there's the yoga to balance it all out :)

Ursula said...

Oh yes, this helps.

I will take all passion out of this job issue. I will look at it as if it were a movie.

Tim said...

In Germany you are lucky, getting an employment contract and many legal protections. Here in the U.S., not much of either. Good luck.

Ursula said...

The more far away you are the better it seems to be in other countries. I'd prefer to work in America, because there I'd have had better chances.

Nevertheless your comment told me to see my situation from different perspectives. Many people would be happy to get a job like my future job. Yes, of course. I will practice contentment.

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