Monday, September 04, 2006

Cape Town, South Africa - arrived

The red eyes flight ( means overnight flight) was exhausting. There was no seat left in the plane. Not to move all night long in a sitting position is not really pleasant. But then I arrived and my boyfriend managed it to be at the airport on time, even though it was 5 a.m., when I arrived. I didn't have to wake him up. How good. I got a warm kiss from him - what for a perfect start.

At the moment I'm sitting in a very cool internet shop. There are about 70 PCs here. On the walls are huge blue painted squares. The seats are blue, too. Music is modern American music, very rocky. The shop is open around the clock. 1 hour costs 10 R ( about 1 Euro), so I can blog as much as I want in case I will have time. After paying, I got an access number for any PC. I entered this number. On the sceen appeared a question: "Do you want something to drink?" I clicked on "yes". Then pictures of the beverages appeared. I ordered a cup of coffee for about 0,80 Euro. That' s really nothing. Very soon a woman appeared with a huge black cup of coffee. Well organized.

After my arrival we went downtown for a breakfast. The city awakes rather late, but we could find a nice restaurant. We had warm croissants with jam and coffee and tea. It was very good, people are very friendly.

The hotel is downtown. We returned to it after breakfast. My boyfriend soon went to work, I went to bed. (Oh, they play African music now. Very good. Drums and a man is singing. It is all very rhytmic. I like it.) I opened my eyes rather late. It was already in the afternoon, when I had a shower to wake me up. I was stiff. I was too curious now. I wanted to explore where I was. The hotel is a very good one, but the room is rather small. I could have practiced Ashtanga yoga. But I did not. Feeling stiff, being curious, I dediced to go out.

In front of the hotel is a huge market. I forgot to ask at the hotel if I had to negotiate prices. But it became clear as soon as I entered the market. "It is 30, but for you 20." OK, I understand. "How about 10?" "15, good price." I like to negotiate prices even though I know that I always pay too much, but I don't care. The prices differ for the same gifts 300% or more at different stands. It is like negotiating the salary in Germany. Self-confidence is the crucial point. I heard another interesting question: "How big is your family?" Means, how many presents can I sell to you. I like it when people know how to sell. Suddenly I heard a voice in my ear. "Pay attention to your bag. It is too big." I turned around and I saw a white man in his sixties. I thanked him for his advice. I think he is right. But I always need so many things: my book, my glasses, my purses, my camera. I took already some very nice pictures, but it might be dangerous to show a camera.

It is easy to get in contact with people, to chat a little bit, even though the reason is clear (business). It is not always easy to understand the English. Even my boyfriend has difficulties. And his American English is close to be perfect.

Weather is very good: it is warm, but not hot, a little bit humide and always a bit of a fresh wind.

First impression: I like it to be here.

To be continued.

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Wayne said...

How exciting. I always enjoy reading about your travels.