Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bought some drugs - just to have them gives me peace

I bought dried ananas, chocolate (Toblerone to be precise), camembert, kiri and red wine from Chile. This will help me to think clearer in case I eat and drink it. My treasuries are in the refrigerator now. Even to know them there makes me feel better.

Next time I must be better prepared for a second interview. The second interview is more important than the first one. I have to write down my goals. To have them in mind is not enough. Then the results will likely to be better.

Let's face the positive aspects:
-The job will allow me to do Ashtanga yoga. That's my main goal.
-Money comes in, not as much as I wanted, it won't be a super salary, but I guess more than the average German household has.
-I will learn new things, which will qualify me.

Next time when I think about the job it is sure that I got it, that I will become a company soldier.

Oktoberfest: picture is taken at the parade of traditional costumes


Tiffersll said...

Drugs? When I think of drugs I think of good ole muscle relaxants or my fav drug of choice these days: Mary Jane.

Ursula said...

Yeah, good alternatives. You know I'm a little bit older than you. Drugs change as well.

Tiffersll said...

LOL...okay okay. So chocolate is the new drug of choice? How do you ingest it? Smoking, inject? Ohhhh you eat it!

Ursula said...

Oh slowly, slowly. At first I unwrap it, I look at it. Then I cut it into pieces, then I put it into my mouth. I keep it there for a while, doing nothing. Then I toss and turn it with my tongue. Then I bite it. Then I hold it still to taste it again. After five minutes there is only a sweet taste in my mouth.

Then I take a gulp of my red wine and then again.Chocolate. You understand. It's a ritual.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a religion ursula!