Sunday, September 03, 2006

Before leaving for South Africa

I managed it to practice. I worked on the second series. The standing positions were very good. I was already so excited that I didn't feel the pain. I didn't hold the asanas - I was too nervous. I went from one asana to the next. This does not mean that the practice was not good. I was concentrated, but fast.

Everything is done now. The same questions as usual come up: Do I have the right clothes in my suitcase? Have I forgotten anything? I have a checklist and as far as I can judge it now all I need is in my suitcase. I will travel with my yoga mat. This blue mat travelled already around the world with me. It is so cool to have it over my shoulder. I will get a vegan meal during the flight. That's perfectly prepared as well.

Now I only have to call a taxi. As usual I will be too early at the airport. Next time when I will wake up I can see South Africa under me. Joe Cocker sings in the radio. It is exactly the right music for now. I'm flying, even though I have no wings and I'm not an airplane.

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Tim said...

Have a great trip.