Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A beautiful country - South Africa

I think I made more than 2000 pictures. The country is so beautiful. One can find everything there, it is a very controversial country. During the last day we had an African winter day. For me it was still OK, but we saw the people trembling with cold. There was a very strong wind, that could be heard during the night as well. Winter here is something different than here where we have snow and really low temperatures.

I'm sure it was not my last time that I was in South Africa.

I managed to do some surya namaskaras in the morning. Nevertheless I have the feeling I have to restart.


Cody Pomeray said...

restarting is nice - you can have no expectations for yourself and just go!

glad to hear that you had a nice trip.

Yogamum said...

South Africa sounds amazing. Thanks for writing about your travels so that I can feel like I had a little mini-vacation by reading your blog!

Ursula said...

I wished I had more time to blog. My writing is more lively when the events are still fresh. But often we decided to make a trip than to hang out in an internet shop. The country is amazing. It's worth going to SA. I was afraid of it, but it is less dangerous than I thought. Nevertheless to be attentive is necessary.