Friday, September 08, 2006

Ashtanga yoga in South Africa

Later we went to the Ashtanga studio, that I found via the internet. A nice woman with blond hair was the teacher. She had opened the studio 1 month ago. The students were all very beginners. She adjusted the series to that level. That means: no vinyasas, omitting some difficult asanas and variations. I felt very well as it was like a home study. I have no remorses now anymore when I "forget" the vinyasas. I must say that it was a very concentrated hour. The teacher told me to do my asanas. I assured her that I wanted to go with the group. I really enjoyed my yoga hour there.

We were about 5 people. There was only one man and it was his first time. I told him (perhaps this was not very sensitive) that all would come. He assured me that he enjoyed the yoga very much. Inside me I wondered why. It must have been so difficult and painful for him. I don't enjoy my yoga hours when I'm not good at it. But that's perhaps what I have to learn to enjoy it all the time - the bad hours and the good hours.

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CJ said...

I love going to beginners classes too, even complete beginners. You learn an awful lot both from re-focusing on "simple" asanas and all the little things that get overlooked usually. You also learn an awful lot from the beginners themselves, many are very inspirational.

It sounds like you're having a good time! Cool :)