Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ashtanga second series

We got up too late. The alarm clock was set at 6 a.m..At 9 a.m. we opened our eyes. Somehow my boyfriend must have switched off the alarm clock.

Then I wrote my morning pages, I had my black cup of coffee and then I practiced.

Motivation was very high. I rolled out my mat. I started with chanting Aum and the opening song. I listened to my voice and I liked it. I didn't chant very loud but hearable.

It was a slow motion practice. I was very attentive. No TV, no music was needed today in order to concentrate. I was concentrated on my body. After five surya namaskara A I had a little break. Then I negotiated with me to do only 3 surya namaskara B. It was an intensive warm up. Then followed the standing sequence. It was very concentrated as well. I respected my body. I didn't force me into positions. I concentrated on the breath. I did all the vinyasas as well when I reached the middle part of the sequence. I think the second series is much more interesting than the first series. Perhaps I think so because the whole second series is rather new to me. I stopped at the middle of the practice. I have to take my legs behind my head first before I can go on. I went to the closing sequence. Just before matsyasana the phone rang.

I though I was prepared, but I wasn't. I only went to the phone because I expected my parents. But it was U. She dumps "always" all her mental garbage and problems on me. She doesn't stop and everything is black. At first she asked me about SA and this was the trap.Then it was her turn and again the same cant. She wants my help not only for her general problems (she has only problems), but also for accounting. I agreed to help her and I added that she already knew my price. I will write an invoice for my service, that's sure. She: "I thought, because we drink a cup of coffee now and then....." She wants to have my service for free. No, baby.

I had such a good plan how to deal with her. I wanted to shorten the phone calls and I wanted to make appointments only connected with yoga. The idea: at first yoga then a cup of coffee for half an hour. I didn't like to write badly about people, but I was so furious about myself today because I couldn't stop the phone call, that I had to write my disappointment down. Next time I will do better: Short phone calls about 10 minutes. Meetings only in connection with yoga. Cup of coffee after yoga, but only half an hour. Sorry for not following the yoga path with this entry: concentrating on good things, letting go of not so amusing things.

Weather is good in Germany. It is always good before the Oktoberfest. I promise you a few pictures of this beer party.

The picture you can see today is taken in SA on one of the speaking tongues.


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alotusgirl said...

I just think the photo is so magical! It should be in a picture frame~
I really enjoy you blog and your photos and don't feel bad about your comment about the phone call girl (i have friend who did the same thing to me and had to cut ties). Have a beautiful day in Germany!

Ursula said...

Thank you Tracy for your nice comment.

Tim said...

Great photo. I love it when the practices click like that.