Tuesday, September 19, 2006

After a nap - the job gets grayer and grayer

The more I think about the job I will probably get, the more unhappy I get. I think it is a thrifty company. They beat me down in salary, they won't pay for a little further education, which is necessary. I cannot say something against the collegue in the accounting department, which I saw for a couple of minutes, but I'm not convinced of her either. To spend 8 hours a day in a room with her won't be easy.

Why haven't I worked more intensively on my projects? I need the money now. Perhaps they take the other applicant. That would be fine, too.

This evening:
I will do yoga.
In the evening there is an interesting programme on litterature on TV, which I like to watch. Then I will sleep on all this.
It is a little bit quite here when I'm alone in my flat - E. is still in the US.

Oktoberfest: Beer is the most popular drink at the Oktoberfest. Picture is taken at the parade of traditional costumes.

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