Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For Julie, facing inward

Hi Julie, as it is impossible to post a comment on your blog I go this way now.

I hope you get well soon. I wish you all the best. I thought a lot of you in the last time. You are such a strong woman.

To make yoga pictures or pictures in general is a very good idea and a lot of fun. The pictures I've posted are taken by a Canon IXUS 750, in the US the same camera is called Canon power shot SD 550. My advise: spend as much money as you can. This is our second digital camera. With the first camera it was impossible to take pictures of people as there was a time delay. The above mentioned camera makes pictures which are not always sharp. In total it is satisfying.

Here is a webside I'd like to recommend:

Best wishes. Ursula


Julie said...

Hi U... not sure why you can't comment on my blog... I actually got your last comment. Are you getting an error message?

Yes, spend as much as I can is what I keep hearing :) :) Yes, the frames per second I also hear are important. I think the Canon would be good.. just trying to find it reasonably priced!

Ursula said...

Yes, I got an error message. It said something like: You posted in a too short of time. Something like that, cannot remember very well.

CJ said...

I got that error too.

Get well soon strong Julie xxx