Tuesday, July 18, 2006

With the bicycle to the shareholder meeting

The annual meeting of sanacorp (a trade firm - branche pharmacy) was round the corner. When I arrived the first shareholders were already eating the offered breakfast. I took a cup of coffee, to0. I like to go to shareholder meetings. It is more informative than only reading the business part of the newspapers. After the meeting I asked myself why I had bought this share. Dividens are good, it is a healthy company with enough equity. But I couldn't see any vision. They only act within the German borders. No ideas for expanding and so. It is a serious, but boring share. As soon as I see black figures I will sell it. Yeah, yesterday I had the courage to check what had happened with my shares. Also sanacorp has red figures now. Problems are the expensive German health system and the reforms, which are planned. And the lack of ideas of the management.

Most shareholders were old and hungry. Lunch was at almost 2 p.m. - rather late. Bavarian food (means a lot of meat) was offered. I waited till the buffet was opened, but when I saw what it was, I ran away.

B. my teacher wrote me that there is still a place to practice this evening. I will go to a Mysore class today. It will be the last one before my flight in the US. It is hot here, but this supports the practice. I don't know why, but also today we got up too late.

Another picture from our week-end trip to the Isar.

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