Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Warming up and soccer

My practice this morning was like a warming up. I practiced a while after a light breakfast. To have eaten is good for me. I feel more powerful, even though I think it is more a psychological factor. I started chanting. The practice was hard. I was stiff. My left leg still hurts. I wanted to treat it carefully. I was happy that I practiced as it is getting to be one of the hottest days here. I did first ashtanga series - no vinyasas. As I will go to a Mysore class this evening I think it was OK not to give everything. I'm not sure how long my practice was, I think it was not an hour. I even took a rest pose. To feel the ground and just to lay down was good.

The match yesterday was exciting, even though the German soccer team did not win. I was glad that I had hidden a handkerchief in my yoga pants' pockets. After the match all these wonderful youngsters cried. And the fans cried. It was sad. I wanted to smell the atmosphere downtown, so I went out with my boyfriend. Most car parades had Italien flags on their cars. But there were also Germans who made parades. We were in a very nice restaurant not far away from our home. The glas doors were all open and we stood on the pavement with many other people, who liked to party. I had two cuba libre, my boyfriend two Weißbier. When we saw a German parade we cheered to them, like all the other guests. At 1:30 a.m.we went home. I think our mood was back to normal. It was good that we were among all these people, cooling down. We are still convinced of our fantastic German soccer team. Now the party can go on till Sunday. It will remain exciting. I think we have a very special relationship to our Italian neighbours, as they feed us with wonderful food.

The motto of the world cup is: "The round thing (ball) must go into the square thing (goal). Some Italian changed it to "The pizza must go into the oven". (Ha, Ha, hope I could get across this joke.)


Wayne said...

I practiced early so I could watch the match and cheer for Germany. It was exciting and both teams played like real heroes. "The pizza must go in the oven" - good joke!

Where do you practice in Munich?

Ursula said...

Bettina Anner is my teacher. She was the first in Germany, who was authorized by P.Jois. At the moment there are only 2 people here in Germany who are authorized by P. Jois. We practice at her home. She is in the teachers' list of P. Jois. There you can also find her webside.

And sometimes I go to the Jivamukti Yoga studio.
It was there where I met Bettina as she teaches a led class Ashtanga yoga there, once a week

Wayne said...

How wonderful that you get to practice with an authorized teacher in her home! I do not have any teachers in my area so I do my practice at home six days a week and then go to workshops several times a year.

Enjoy your practice!