Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday - no Ashtanga today

I practiced before the match yesterday. I omitted a lot of vinyasas. To stretch my body is easier for me than to build strength. But the biggest challenge is the concentration, the mind, even though I was very concentrated yesterday. Not everyday is the same. I enjoyed my pre-match practice. Unfortunately later I noticed that the right side of my back hurts - overstretchted. I can't await the day when every part of my body will be OK. Today is healing and relaxing day.

The match Germany:Argentinia was so exciting, especially the penalty shoot out. Excitment, emotions. And the party will go on today. After the matches we went downtown. The main street was blocked for all the people who liked to party. Everywhere were broken glasses, drunk people, flags, tooting cars, music.

2 matches are today: Brasilia:France and England:Portugal. Before the matches I will clean my home. To have a clean surrounding is also important and part of yoga too.

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