Saturday, July 01, 2006

Retrospect of Friday night

After the last match (Italy:Ukraine) we went downtown. It was already after midnight. It is a 30 minutes walk to get to the Leopoldstraße, one of the main streets here. It was still crowded, people were happy and drunk, music was everywhere. We decided to sit down in one of the cafes. The music was too loud - I put parts of my tissue handkerchief in my ears. We watched the passengers passing by. Many of them had black,red, golden flags around their hips or they wore hats in these colors, I saw also necklaces and T-shirts in the same colors . Many cars were decorated with German and Italian flags.

I said: "Shall we buy a flag, too?"
My boyfriend: "So far I lived very well without nationalism, I will go on that way."
I said:"Me, too."

My boyfriend's father has lost his leg during World War II. This in mind it is difficult to be naiv and not to see what could be the consequences of misunderstood nationalism.

And me too, when I was younger I used to say when asked which nationality I was: I'm born in this world. I was always interested in people from other countries. Later, when I've seen so much more from this world (I traveled to Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Egypt, Hongkong, Turkey, Singnapore, Canade, I was perhaps 12 times in the US, I was almost everywhere in Europe) I used to answer that I'm European, always in mind that we all live in one world. I hope very much that we get closer together, respect each other, learn from each other and have fun with each other. The internet is a fantastic tool to support this in my opinion. And soccer, too. I'm so happy that I live in a time like this.

Enough philosophy. The party here is great. What I see everybody enjoys it peacefully. And now "we" have to win the next match.

Today I will cheer for England in the first match and for France in the second match. I did not know if we should cheer for Brasilia or France. But my boyfriend was sure: France. For those who will watch: have fun.

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Wayne said...

"I'm European, always in mind that we all live in one world."

This is very true that we all live in one world. I think remembering this and acting this way is part of practicing yoga. I wish peace to everyone.