Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Portland, Tuesday: Yoga Bhoga Studio

I just came back from the yoga bhoga studio. They moved to another place. Last time when I was here in Portland, they were still located at the Galeria downtown. Now they are in SE Portland and I had to take the bus to get there. The studio is bigger and modern. There are even little rooms for changing clothes. And in the neighbourhood was one of the best Italian restaurants, told me a Japaneese woman.

Ashtanga was on the schedule. 10 people showed up, 9 woman, 1 man. We started with 3 surya namaskara A, 3 surya namaskara B. Then came asanas from the first, from the second and from the third series. We got 3 pieces of paper with little paintings of the asanas. The levels of the students were very different. Sometimes I think the more tatoos the more advanced is the aspirant. I definitely missed a business opportunity: tatoos for yogis/yoginis. I'm totally naked, pale skin whereever you look. I didn't understand the teacher, not one word. I'm sure this was because of my modest language skills. But language is not always so important. I know the series and I saw what the other yoginis were doing. I sweated in the beginning, but then the asanas became too demanding for me and I lost the flow.

I got one new idea regarding kapotasana: it is a possibility to lay on the floor (legs back of course) and then to push up instead of coming down from kneeling. I tried it the other way round. My body didn't lift up very much: a few inches, if at all.

But dhanurasana was good. I could bring my elbows clother together. And mayurasana was good. I balanced rather long on my arms without touching the wall with my feet.

In total I see how important it is to develop a practice for oneself. Classes can give inspirations, adjustments, and so much more, but they do not substitute a practicse of oneself.

Oprah: Oh I liked her programme yesterday. Eat less, exercise more. But how she filled these basics. She is a real actress, cool, exciting. She looked at the spectators with a poker face. But then she became seriously: No, you haven't done everything to loose weight. And again the message. It is a show. Love it. Not every day, but here in America I can't get enough of it.

Oh yes, I found a few fancy clothes.

And tomorrow we will head for San Francisco. I already checked which studio would be nice in San Francisco: something like greenpath.

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