Monday, July 24, 2006

Portland, Sunday: Casey's studio and Columbia river

I sit in the lobby of the hotel now, blogging, reading my Emails, checking the news from Germany. I found out that it is for free at the hotel. Last time I paid more than 20 USD at FedEx shop, as I couldn't find an internet shop. In Germany internet shops grow like the mushrooms out of the blue. 1 hour cost 1 Euro and here I paid 12 USD for the same time - this is 12 times more.

The first highlight on Sunday was the practice at Casey's Ashtanga studio: I met Susan again and I think we both had an intensive practice. Casey was there all the time and I got some very good adjustments: strong and sensitive at the same time. I was helped in paschimottanasana. I learned that in janu sirsasana the bended leg should form an angel of 90 degree (my angel was smaller). Then it is more a stretching of the one side of the body and no more a harmstring stretching. In dhanurasana the ellbows should be closer together. I will work with a rope at home to help myself. And I had one of the best shoulderstands. My elbows were pushed together and so I stood very straight and tall. We all sweated. The atmosphere at Casey's studio is very intensive. I already miss it. I was too late to go to the morning class at 5 am today as jet lag disappears. I wake up at 6:30 this morning.

After a cup of coffee, a lemon cake and some strawberries at Starbuck's coffee with my boyfriend, who was waiting for me there till the end of my practice, we drove in the direction of Mt Hood. I love the wild country. We saw a water fall and the Columbia river, which I liked best. We searched the "lost lake", but we couldn't find it. That means we have to come back. That's what happens often when we travel: somtimes we miss something because we are too late, or we have not enough time or we learn something too late and then we think that we have to come back. Sometimes we actually come back, but sometimes not.

Hungry we came back to Portland and then we had dinner at Todai's, a Japaneese restaurant. I had my glass of Chardonnay, salads, sushis. Chardonnay is the wine I like best. French desserts (crepes, petit four) were offered, but I think it doesn't go well together with Japaneese food.

I like the wild and huge countryside. I made a lot of pictures, but I have to add them later as I don't know how to do it here.

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