Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday already 2 p.m.

What happened so far:

- got up at a decent time, I guess it was 8 a.m.
- wrote my morning pages
- went to the bank in order to pay in money
- made some copies to complete my cv. The copy shop owner was interested in my accounting service, when he saw my credential. He was not sure how to do a driver's logbook. I intend to give him a form. This could help him to make up the decision to leave his tax advicer and to come to me. He wants to save money. I don't like it, but I guess I'm cheaper than tax advisers.
- watched the press conference with the German soccer team.
- ate some sandwiches
- put my cv together, checked the address, name and time
- soon it is time to dress

In total I didn't make history, and the time is over. In order to move something I will have to wait till tomorrow.

I will listen to some music to lift up my mood, which is not bad, but music always lifts the mood a little bit more. James Brown would be good: I feel good, the weather is fine......

And now it is 2 a.m. It is too late to practice before the interview. I will practice afterwards. I can already foretell that I will need a CD.

It would be the best thing to get up earlier. 7 a.m. must be doable, it is still human.

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