Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Book cover and China fashion

Summer time in Munich.

Little successes regarding my projects can be reported:

-yesterday the artist Ch. sent me the book cover, that he designed for my book. I like it very much. I cannot write more about this book as it is not yet ready to market.

- Downtown I bought a book by Andre Kostolany, a rather well-known independant gentleman. He passed away a few years ago. He made (and also lost and made) his money on the stock exchanges. And he wrote inspiring books. His book motivated me to buy shares again. I bought China fashion today. I hope it will double (hope dies at last). One of the sentences in the book: The tables in the cafes/restaurants had always been my desks. Sounds good.

On the picture you see a pedestrian area of Munich, which starts just at the opposite of the main station. When you look at the horizon of the picture you can perhaps see a small part of it. When you turn left at the end of the road, you will find the post office there.

I feel stiff, it is hot, I ate too much. Yoga? It is still not too late.


wayne said...

Summer in Munich looks beautiful. Would you give a hint about the subject of your book?

Ursula said...

It is on yoga. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be so courageous to write on this holy subject. But this is it what occupies my mind.

Anonymous said...

you mentioned you bought a book by andre kostolany, i heard some of his books were published in 7 languages, but i cannot find one in English. do you know any his books in english?

or he used a diff name in English?

Ursula said...

I know that Kostolany himself spoke different languages. I just checked amazon.co.uk and amazon.com, but I found his books only in German language. This astonishes me, but that's how it is.