Saturday, June 24, 2006


It is Saturday now - a few hours before the match Germany:Sweden. My boyfriend is playing soccer at the moment. But he will be home on time. Chips and beer are at home already.

Job: My first client was happy and I'm sure I will get new clients through this very nice woman. She will get back to me as well soon. She already asked me if I would do the accounting for her. But at first she wants to try it by herself. Fine. I was dressed businesslike. I had put on a white pair of trousers and a brown silk blouse. And I had put on a very beautiful colorful necklace . I always ask myself how I can make an impression that people think that I work precisely and that they can rely on me. I try to dress perfectly. That's not always easy. And I'm really on time. I do not ring the bell 5 to 12 or 5 past 12 when we made an appointment at 12. At 12 I ring the bell. I also have my business card handy. I do not start searching for things. Everything is prepared. I also give a few copies of important information. This shows that I'm prepared. Most people like to have something in hand. After 1 hour 45 min I was through of most of the accounting stuff, which is necessary for a beginner. I told her I would charge her for this time. But to be honest this was a mistake. It would have been better to make a summery of all we have talked about. It helps to remember later and I would have worked 2 hours. Afterwards I felt exhausted. I went to a bakery ordered a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. When I think that I have to pay taxes on that income it was not a fortune that I made. But it was a start. I can write my first bill and this is something. Next steps: I contacted the software company who sells accounting software. I want to sell this, too. Most small business owners don't have an appropriate software. Excel will do it as well, but to be more professional a special software is necessary. I can recommend a software, I can show how to use it and so on. This is real support.

Party: The concert was great. They played Mozart, Schumann. And how a man said during one of the speeches: The musicians started at a very high level and they developped to a maximum. During the concert my boyfriend whispered in my ear: I do this all for you. I just ordered Genesis for him. He prefers rock. I loved the music and I thought that it could be a very good combination to play Mozart and to do Ashtanga yoga at the same time.

In the beginning of the party I was alone, as my boyfriend had still to work. I was standing in the entrance hall a little bit lost. But then a man came and introduced himself and ordered champagne for me. Then another man came. It turned out that the other man was even a duke. I got a kiss on the hand and later from someone else another kiss on my hand. And then my boyfriend came and he gave me a kiss on my blond hair. What an evening.

After the concert we had the party in the garden which you see on the picture. Food (of course with meat) was offered and wine. Everything was perfect. We had some conversations with the other guests on food, other countries, soccer, driving cars, Munich and so on. Fun, fun, fun. In the end we even got a book as a present. It is on coins. I'd have prefered a thriller. But the invitation came from a bank, so a book on coins is understandable.

Before the concert I had a nice experience with one of the woman there. I was sitting on a bench and when I stood up my clothes were dirty. Then this nice women cleaned my coat with her hand. Amazing.

(Believe me, if I would wrote in German, my stories would be more exciting, with more tension. Oh, if I only could write better English.)

Today is Saturday. So far I haven't practiced. I think I will wait till tomorrow. Saturday is a day off. Yes, so it is.


Sue said...

Your english is very good already! I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope you continue to write in English as my German is really rather limited :)

Ursula said...

I can take from your comment, that you can speak German. That's interesting. Where did you learn it? Thanks for your compliments, like it very much.

Karen said...

I love the way you write! Because it is not your first language, you choose your words so carefully, and that makes the writing so precise. Very enjoyable. We are watching the game at my house this morning: Germany just scored the first goal. They look like a very good team!

Sergio said...

I don't have problems understanding your stories, so never mind. Your messages get through ;) Some of my friends have asked me to write in Spanish but I think the audience I'd reach that way would be rather limited so I'm sticking with English.

Btw, I love classical music, too (I'm no pundit, though). I love Chopin (piano is one of my favourite instruments) and I love operas, too (although I haven't had the chance to see one live yet).