Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yama or my vegan life

I try to avoid animal products for ethical reasons. It is my way to respect the live of the animals. It is one way one can practice non-violance. In conversations, when it comes to food and I mention that I don't eat animal products (not only no meat, but also no eggs and so forth), I often get the question: What the hell do you eat then?

Here is the answer: .

I always wanted to write my own cooking book. I have so many cooking books, but when I need a special recipe I do not find it. In the most cooking books are perhaps 2 or 3 recipes that I like. In my own cooking book I like every single meal and it is tested. That is a good reason to write it. To have readers is even more motivating.

I do not give very precise directions of the quantities as it is an international blog and there are too many measurements in the world. Please comment if my directions are precise enough or if you'd like them more precise. Thanks.


Sergio said...

You're like a box of surprises! I contemplated the idea of starting a vegan cooking blog myself but I dropped the idea in the end. I've only been vegan for half a year and that sort of intimidates me. There are many good-quality vegan blogs out there and I don't think my contribution would be that great. I like posting recipes and sharing ideas and all that, but most often I don't have the time required to be creative in the kitchen (which doesn't mean that I'm not, but not every day, certainly). At least in the inmediate future I'll continue posting about my veganism in my personal blog.

Ursula said...

Hi Sergio, I'd like to encourage you to write a vegan blog, too, even if you don't do entries every day. You create a valuable source for recipes for yourself and I'm sure others will profit from it as well.

Look at the book market: cooking books whereever you look, but how many of them are vegan?

Your recipes might be influenced by the cooking of Teneriffa, mine is influenced by German cooking. So it's definitly worth writing it down (and if it is only a picture, it is something, too).

Richard said...

Hi Ursula! Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts as well. I plan to check back - and also to check your other blogs.

Be well!