Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday morning

I felt somehow depressed this morning. It was as if I do not accomplish anything at all. Huge to do lists and nothing gets done. We woke up too late. Far after 9 a.m. I had my first cup of coffee. I had no sojayofu for my breakfast at home. I decided to go out and buy some flowers for my balcony. I thought to move a little bit could be good. My balcony is still not done. I went out without putting a lipstick, some color on my face. Should the world see how pale I am. I took my bicycle, it needs cleaning too, and I went to the flower shop. I bought soil and 3 different flowers. My balcony is still not done now. I need more flowers. But I couldn't carry more, even not with my bicycle. So it remains a project which is not done and on my to do list. Only the doves think that my balcony is ready for building a nest there. But as much as I like animals I don't want to have doves on my balcony.

Now I sit here. The mood bettered slightly. I will iron the laundry, clean the floors, just that I can say to myself that I've worked on something.

I rolled out my luxury mat this morning. Yes, I did it. I stood in samasthiti and then I ran away. I will wait till my fans arrive. At 3 o'clock the first match will start. I will practice 1st series today. I am sad that I couldn't make it to practice in the morning. It could have been so good. To do the little trick, to pretend that all the soccer fans are mine, is really funny and helps. Try it.

At 9 p.m. I can fully concentrate on the match Germany: Poland.

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