Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wedding - Mysore class

The wedding was great: nice people, good food, Italian life music, beautiful bride, handsome new husband, the sun was shining. As I want to respect the privacy of the newly wed couple, I cannot publish a pic of them. As they are already on the flight to the Seychellen I cannot ask them either. So I decided to publish a picture of my boyfriend and myself.

The day after the wedding I felt depleted. As I've learnt later the restaurant's owner insisted that the waiters always had to fill the glasses with wine. They didn't accept to have the bottles of wine on the table. The consequences were that I drank too much, as my glass of wine was always full. Yesterday I did nothing. I ate good food and took everything easily. I didn't even think of practicing in the morning. I wanted to go to Mysore class in the evening.

Mysore class: I was ready to practice at 7 pm. It was great. The group has an incredible influence on myself. I was concentrated and I got new insights.

Chakrasana: to get up one is supposed to inhale and not to exhale, how I did it so far.

Jumping through: B. showed me how to jump through with straight legs - the next challenge.

Dhanurasana: Ellbows should be closer together.

Janusirsasana B: the foot has to be placed correctly, even if the leg is not able to open very far.

It was so much fun to practice. Body and mind worked together.

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