Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday morning - 2nd series

I don't know from where the power came, but my practice was surprisingly good. I did the surya namaskaras and the standing asanas with the CD by Sharath. Then I practiced the filling of the sandwich, 2nd series. I did full vinyasas between the asanas. It is relaxing for the lower back to do it. I need the counterposes in the vinyasas. Only once I visualized my breakfast - banana with sojayofu, nuts and raisins. Most of the time I was consciously on what I was doing. I forgot to smile, the 2nd series is a challenge.

Kapotasana: I enlarged the distance to the wall. This is more helpfull. I went back, touched the wall and went up again. I used the bandhas. But I couldn't hold the asana. I'm happy with it.

Eka pada sirsasana: A few days ago I read in the book by Swenson for some inspirations. He offers a few very interesting variations. Eke pada sirsasana and supta kurmasana are very similar regarding the goal. They are both hip openers. I will work separatly on these 2 asanas. Once these two asanas are managed, I think this will be a real leap in my practice. Till the end of the year I'd like to see a visible improvement.

Headstand: I couldn't hold it very long. But I was up till 10 breathes.

My left leg still hurts. I'm sorry, but this influences my practise, especially in prasarita padottanasana.

I practiced with a short pair of trousers today. I was asthonished. I'm not very sure, but I think I gained muscles.

It feels so good to have practiced.

Yesterday I found the book "self-discipline in 10 days" by Theodore Bryant on my bookshelf. I will read it again. I think I have forgotten most of the hints. I'm fed up with the never ending inner dialogues, if I should do something or not.

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