Monday, June 12, 2006

They play, I practice

It is so motivating to have these sweating soccer players so close to me (my TV is next to where I practice). It is true, I did all the vinyasas, while Australian and Japanese soccer players tried to make a goal.

I even tried to jump through with straight legs. What a surprise I could do it, but not with the flat hands on the floor. I was up on my fingers. But I got a feeling how it is to jump through with straight legs.

My left leg hurts. I think that is something we have in common with the soccer players as well. One subject during that world cup is, who is hurt and why and where and when they will be recovered and so on. I have to be careful. I'm disappointed because due to that injury my right side is so much better now than my left side.

I always want to be equally trained. That's why I take the right leg first in the first series when I do padmasana. When I do the second series I take the left leg first to get into padmasana. I'm very curious how you do it?

I enjoyed every single asana. I was sure I did something special today. I enjoyed my body. It was a very good practice. It was as if I were outside, as I could open the doors to my balcony. I'm so happy that the weather is good today.

Now I must only manage to get out of bed a little bit earlier than 9 a.m. OK, I got to bed at 1 a.m. but that's not really a reason to sleep and sleep and sleep. Life is too exciting.

And now the second part of the match Australia: Japan. What a life.

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