Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday morning 2nd series - Why do I feel so weak?

It is now 11:30 a.m. and I just finished my practice (2nd series till eka pada sirsasana). I practiced in silence as my darling was still sleeping. I enjoyed the surya namaskaras. They were so familiar.

Standing positions: I went from one asana to the other without holding them very long. At the first impulse I got out of the position. My left leg is better, but it still hurts.

Trikonasana: I tried to do it differently as usual. I was adjusted twice from different teachers. They both told me to open the hips. The perfect trikonasana is when the hips are one upon the other. So I stabilized my hips and stretched the one arm to the ceiling. The other arm slided down on my stretched leg. I reached the shin that way, but no more the toe. I think it was good as I felt that my one side was stretched. In order to reach the toe the hip goes forward and that's exactly what is to be avoided.

I did the backbendings of the 2nd series. The vinyasas are a relaxation from the challenging backbending asanas. My attitude was not ambitious, I wanted to take care of my body. I want that my left leg doesn't hurt anymore.

But there is another question that arises: Why do I feel so weak? I have gained weight a little bit, but it's not worth mentioning it. I don't think that this is the real reason for my heaviness. What I can see is that I got muscles on my legs, my arms and even my belly is much stronger. So yoga does a lot for strength (I can see my muscles). I think yoga does a lot for the flexibility (that's why we are always overstretched). But circulation is neglected. My pulse doesn't quicken during my practice. The consequence might be that one has to add some sports. I still resist. But why do I feel so weak?


Julie said...

Mhmm... I don't doubt that my pulse does quicken during practice but it is an even steady level of capacity... I noted the other day, I got interrupted about midway through Sun Sal Bs and I was out of breath talking to the person who asked me a question.

Ursula said...

Hi Julie, this is interesting. I will have a closer look at my pulse during the next practices.

It might be an idea to do only surya namaskaras as fast as possible (3 times a week, buuh). I'm sure this would be a solution.