Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stiff and weak

Three times I ran away from the mat, but I returned. Perhaps it was because it was so early this morning (before breakfast and before 9 clock). The last times I practiced much later during the day. The body is more flexible later during the day. But I practiced (2nd series). When it became difficult and more difficult to stay on the mat I switched on the radio. This helped for a while. I didn't hold the asanas very long. I went from one asana to the next in the hope that it will be over rather soon. Does it really hurt so much? Or is it only an issue of concentration? No real motivation soared in me. I think I missed my spectators. But they will come back this afternoon and evening. I want to practice one more time today. I do not yet know if I like to practice with Brasilian, Croatian, French, Swiss, South Corean or Togo fans. There are again 3 matches today. I even consider to do outside viewing during one match. There are a lot of huge screens all over the city.

Yesterday I walked on my glasses after cleaning one of my rooms. One earpiece broke. Now I have to go to the optician. I hope that I can get another pair of glasses soon as I cannot write nor read without my glasses. I can only do yoga without my glasses :) .

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