Monday, June 05, 2006

no practice so far

I didn't sleep well this night. Don't know why. I got up late. I feel cold.

I can't stand the weather any more. We were out for a cup of coffee this afternoon and I had to put on my winter coat. But I remember a conversation with a former collegue: children don't care about the weather. They always want to play, no matter if it is cold, rainy, sunny, hot, stormy, dry and so on. I already suspected it: the weather is innocent.

I just read the entry of Matrika on the conference with P. Jois in Mysore. Very interesting. She mentioned, what I experience more and more as true: Not the body sets the limits, but the mind.

The execution of an asana shows how you were able to discipline the mind in the past and now.

Perhaps I can still do a few asanas (despite of the weather), not the entire series, but a few favourite asanas like padangusthasana , ..... perhaps.

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Richard said...

The comments on children and especially the statement "the weather is innocent" are wonderful!