Saturday, June 17, 2006

No practice on Saturday - outdoor viewing

No practice today and it was so good. There was no "I should have" or "I could have concentrated more" or, or, or. I was so relaxed. It was my day off and I enjoyed it. I also think that it was good for my left leg. Even in the evening when my boyfriend and I were watching the last match for today (USA:Italy) I didn't stretch. Usually we sit on the floor while watching TV. I like this. I think this shows sort of flexibility (in the body and the mind). We lean against the sofa, but we sit on the floor. Very often I do some asanas while watching TV. I do paschimottanasana or I do padmasana right leg first. When it hurts I change the legs. I go into Janu Sirsasana, then marychiasana and back to paschimottanasana. But today was my free day. I sat down half lotus, as I have to sit somehow. From time to time I laid down on the sofa, but no asana. So good.

In the early afternoon a girlfriend picked me up. We wanted to watch one or two matches somewhere outside. We call it "outdoor viewing" here. We found a bar in the Leopoldstraße, a Mexican one. You can see it on the picture. It was a quite atmosphere, which I liked. The first drink "sugar libre" (non-alcoholic) was rather good. It was a mixture of lemon , brown sugar and some juices. But a match is 90 minutes and there are breaks and there is time after the match. I didn't like to drink and to drink and to drink. Also in this bar they played music between the match. Even the hymnes weren't played loudly. It was a warm afternoon with people from different countries around us. But I prefer watching TV at home. There I can eat cherries, I can walk around from time to time, I can listen to the commentators. I can see if a match is exciting or not, but I learn so much more when I listen to the commentators. The stories and discussions after the match are for me equally interesting as the match itself.

Tomorrow will be another soccer watching day. But tomorrow I will practice (2nd series) and I'm looking forward to it.

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