Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mysore Style Class

How I missed this class. Today we were 8 people: a wild gang. Even "famous" people were there: Alan Little. I know his blog. It is really funny if you meet someone and you know about his life and he knows nothing about you. I told him that I was reading his blog ( ). He said that he was too busy now to write often.
Another man was there with long rasta curls, a web designer. We had exchanged Emails already. He finished his mails with "peace from the middle east". No comment from my side on this.
One woman had a slight English accent and was very ambitious. She and another woman were "beginners" (means they didnt know the sequence).
Another young man and 3 old stagers formed this group.

In total I think it was rather chaotic today. But I think the more chaotic it is around me the better I can concentrate, no matter if it is my TV or a wild bunch. I become somehow mulish and I think that I will go my way, I will do my stuff. And so it was. The disturbances helped me to concentrate on myself. I forgot only one of the asanas. It was one of my favourite ones: Ardha baddha padmottanasana. Suddenly I saw V. practicing this asana and I know that I missed it. I was almost a little bit sad. But over is over.
My teacher told me that she will do backbending with me next time (to go back in dhanurasana from standing position). Oh, I'm a little bit - ahh very - afraid of it. I will do backbendings during this week in order to be better prepared.
I was helped into kurmasana and supta kurmasana. I didn't say that my left leg needs some special treatment (because it hurts). That has nothing to do with bravery anymore, it is stupid and misunderstood ambitious. But so it was. I was again a little bit too fast. V. asked me why I am so fast. One reason is that I do yoga with the CD by Sharath and then I'm through all the asanas within 1 hour. And till now my exhaling is much longer than my inhaling. To equalize these both breathes would make the whole practice calmer and longer. I sweated. V. asked me during the practice if I was sweating. I answered that I was wet from head to toe.
It was a very special evening. I like to meet people with passion. The practice and how it is executed (Mysore style) is so special. I feel so good now.

I will treat my body with care tomorrow morning. That's a resolution.

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