Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Yoga CDs - Bookshelf or eBay?

My CDs:

1. Evans, Edwin Gomer - Zen, Einmalige Meditationsmusik
2. Freeman, Richard - Yoga Chants
3. Gannon, Sharon - Balancing, Jivamukti Yoga Class
4. Gannon, Sharon - Strength and flexibility - Jivamukti Yoga Class
5. Krause, Thomas - Hatha Yoga
6. Life, David - Basic Class - Jivamukti Yoga Class
7. Life, David - Backbending, Jivamukti Yoga Class
8. OK Media Disc Service - Body wisdom Yoga, an indroduction on the system of BKS Iyengar
9. OK Media Disc Service - Körperintelligenz 2, dynamischer Yoga nach der Iyengar-Methode
10. Ostrau, Jan - Mantras, Heilige Laute der Kraft
11. Sharath, R. - Ashtanga Yoga Class, Primary Series
12. Shiva Rea - The Heart of Yoga
13. Suzuki, Shunryu - Zen-Geist, Anfänger-Geist
14. Swami Janakananda - Yoga Nidra
15. Swenson, David - Yoga Short Forms
16. Swenson, David - Ashtanga Yoga, Second Series
17. Thich Nhat Hanh - The art of mindful living

Oh, so many good yoga CDs. What a surprise.


Sergio said...

Wow that's some wide collection you've got there, Ursula.

Ursula said...

I think I was too often shopping. Things are a burden.

baskyog said...

Wow again! What's your favourite for yoga routine? I've got Swenson's first series DVD and book. He makes it sound so easy! I was thinking of getting the short forms for those busy days...

Ursula said...

Thanks for your comment. My absolut favourite is the one by Sharath.

It follows strength and flexibility by Sharron Gannon. It is a wonderful CD as well. For me Swenson talks too much. Ursula