Sunday, June 04, 2006

Like a BMW

When I drive my boyfriend's BMW I'm not in a fracture of a second from 0 to 100. Firstly I put in the 1st gear, after a while the second gear, then the 3rd gear. Only on fast roads I use the 4th gear. And on the autobahn I can hear my boyfriend saying: "Do you know that we have a 5th gear, too?!"

So it is when I practice. I remember a time where I was really unhappy when I couldn't touch the floor with my flat hands during the very first surya namaskara A. My attitude has changed. I'm happy when I have started my practice. Only my fingertips are able to reach the floor, when I do the first surya namaskara A. The second surya is already a little bit better and the 3rd surya is even more better and so on. But it can happen that I won't be able to touch the floor with my flat hands after all the 10 suryas. I can accept this, too. I'm sure after the practice this is possible. That's fine.

If a car needs some time to get from 0 to 100, I have to give this time to my body, too. Point.

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Richard said...

Excellent point.