Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The life around yoga

No practice this morning. I will go to Ashtanga Mysore style this evening. There was a break of 2 weaks now, as my teacher was on a workshop with Lino Miele in Italy.

I had enough things to do: this morning I designed my bill. It took me a rather long time. It is one thing to meet the requirements of the German tax office. But the bill should have a design that pleases and which looks professional. So I'm happy with the result. I already mailed the invoice.

Then I met Ch, an artist. I wanted to discuss my online appearance with him. I'm convinced that a good design sells. The whole concept should be more concrete. That's what I take home as information. I think this is true and important. I will work on that. Perhaps he can design a nice logo for me later. To have a logo is cool.

Now I'm looking forward to Ashtanga Yoga. I'm rather curious what my collegues have to say.

I reflect if I shall give my blogger address to acquintances and friends?


Wayne said...

Congratulations on moving forward with your accounting practice - very exciting!

Tiffersll said...

ah yes, letting friends know about the's not a big deal...most of my friends don't even bother reading it. All depends on what you talk about and who you talk about. For example, I would never tell my parents about my blog.

samasthiti said...

Don't do it!
You may want to have a little privacy. My sister reads and sometimes I wish she didn't have the address!

Ursula said...

Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

I think I will not tell my friends about my blog. Some know that I blog. But only today I was asked for the address. I didn't say it. But I think with some patience one could find me.

My reason is: I don't want to judge everything a thousand times. I also want to write about the people I meet. Perhaps everything gets even more complicated as it already is. But this is not a dogma.

Sara said...

The more people I actually know that read it, the less free I feel to write... my mother actually found it, and that was the worst.