Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jivamukti class

At 9:30 I went to an open class at the Jivamukti Yoga Studio. Marie, a very nice woman, was the teacher. We started with an exercise with a belt. We put the belt around the head and around the foot while lying on the back. That way it was easy to relax and stretch the leg. I already knew this exercise, but I had forgotten it. Hanumanasana, pigean, were part of the exercises. I like pigean very much, but I scarcly do it (as it is not part of the Ashtanga series). I liked to do it today. It was a rather demanding hour. At the end of the hour we got a little massage on the neck, while we were in rest pose. This was very nice, very relaxing. The oil smelled very well, too.

I want to be more flexible and stronger. And I want to be 2 kg lighter.

Yesterday I pondered if I should start a list in order to document how often I practice Ashtanga 1st series, how often 2nd series, how often I go to Mysore class, how often I go to a Jivamukti class and so on. But I discarded this idea. Again another list, another task to do, more organisation. I think I can be happy without this list.

The coffee after the class with my acquintance was very nice. We had too much to talk. Our conversations are like a neverending river.

Summer time in Germany. I like it. I can go out without a cardigan. Fruits are reap. People come out of their holes and enjoy the sun. Some people sit on the grass. One can sit outside everywhere. Simply perfect.

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